FELLT is a monthly publication and online magazine featuring inspiring conversations with the brains behind the brands. We meet the business leaders, creators, makers and shakers of the world. We talk to the smartest people working for the most exciting companies in the most personal of conversations.

daniel Mr Daniel Kjellsson
Publisher and Editor-at-Large

johanMr Johan Bergström
Senior editor

patty-2Ms Patty Huntington
Senior writer

Mr Hunter O’Shea
UK editor

Ms Ryanna Can
US Editor

Ms Aki Isshiki
Asia Editor

 Mr Georg Laangsame
Staff Writer

FELLT is published by a small, hardworking team headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Additionally, we collaborate with a global network of talented contributors.

We are writers, illustrators, stylists, designers, photographers and friends. Some of us are quiet, others are loud. Some of us are contributing daily, others rarely. If you’re interested in joining our team, email our front desk.