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We receive a letter from Rocket Internet co-founder Oliver Samwer (the most aggressive guy on planet internet, according to himself), talk to The Iconic CEO Adam Jacobs about building an e-commerce empire from the ground up and learn how it feels to lose $19.1million on marketing.

Soccer superstar Alessandro Del Piero is kicking around with a ball of Merino wool. Sir Paul Smith poses for photos standing next to a dressed up sheep. His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales – yes, the future king of England – sets a Merino wool jacket on fire. How did Woolmark, a group of Australian wool farmers, make this all happen?

We learn that for any brand to communicate successfully, it needs to go to the centre of why they’re here – far from the financials – to find the story that’s actually important and worth something. We also visit the Cotton On Group (A$1.51 billion in forecasted revenue for 2015), confirm that marketing spend is supposed to come back and talk the risks of just merely "buying a face".

Craig Redman cartooned Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Donatella Versace and Carine Roitfeld – and they all loved him for it. Apparently, his pop art-inspired portraits of leading international fashion figures offer a psychedelic take on the front rows of the world. We met with Redman to talk business, bromances and bad blood.

We meet Dan Porter, Head of Digital at WME/IMG. We talk crowdfunded content, five-year digital strategy plans (we believe it when we see it) and how to business develop digital talent.

We peak into the web's largest community of fashion influencers, The Fashion Spot. Think of it as an 2.4 million unique people strong army of obsessed research assistants who are trawling the real and virtual worlds for all signs of fashion life. And yeah, they make and break supermodels and superbrands.

In five years consumers have customised over 10 million pairs of shoes at Shoes of Prey. After two months the start-up hit break even. It reached multimillion dollar revenue in under two years. Anyone can sell Chinese-made shoes online but then what? We met founder Jodie Fox to talk brand building on a global scale.

Fashion marketplace Farfetch generated US$275million in sales 2014 and have been experiencing 100 percent year-on-year growth. They offer small brands and boutiques an instantly global chance of success. So why are people still whispering about it being a "great way of competing with oneself"? We met CEO José Neves.

Crystal giant Swarovski reported a €3.08 billion turnover in 2012 and CEO Robert Buchbauer has even bigger plans for the company originally founded by his great-great-grandfather. We met with Mr Buchbauer to discuss entrepreneurship and acquisitions, epic failures and how he digitalised a five-generation-old global brand.

US marketers will spend US$5billion on social media marketing this year. What are they getting back? We met with media analyst Steve Allen, managing director of strategy firm Fusion Strategy, to dig deeper into the dollar value of a "like", wether a paid blogger is a good blogger and the leap of faith that is advertising.

Calvin Klein Inc. now devotes nearly a quarter of its marketing budget to digital, with social media influencers playing an increasingly important role. We met with Executive Vice President of Global Communications Malcolm Carfare.

If you're not already familiar with the brand name 2XU (pronounced “Two Times You”) then you may at the very least be familiar with the branding. The distinctive silver “X” logo transfer running down the outside leg of those enormously-popular black compression tights that you’ve spotted on the running track, yoga mat or even just out and about in the street. We met CEO Kevin Roberts to talk about why the world’s largest luxury conglomerate just handed him a big check.